At Amber Windows Ltd. we have various sizes, styles and shapes of conservatories, as well as bespoke, made to your exact specifications, with different window openings, glazing and handles. We have a range of conservatory designs that will work with any style of home, whether you like classic, clean or modern. Choose from the Victorian, Lean-To, Garden Room, Gable, Edwardian, Lantern, P-Shape and T-Shape. Our staff will give you expert advice and help you choose a design that complements your home.

The possibilities are endless with Amber Windows Ltd. range of energy efficient double-glazing and low maintenance uPVC frames. Whether you want a comfortable room to relax in, a play room for the children, a dining room to entertain family and friends, or an office so you can work from home. Whatever the reason, indulge in the ultimate luxury to enhancing your home, these products will do more than the job and it will fit into your budget. Our different styles will help to create an environment where you can work, play or even relax while looking at your garden. We can even do an overlay of your dream conservatory on top of your home to help you visualize the available space you would have.

Amber Conservatories are made from the best quality and undergo various security tests so you can feel secure when you buy from us. We give great attention to the materials that we use and only work with the best materials. It doesn’t matter if you choose a fully glazed, panelled or brick built base conservatory you will get the very best quality. We don’t use subcontractors as the entire process from the design, manufacturing and installation is done by our own team of professionals.